My Story

The Yarn Artist at Uni The Yarn Artist 2023
Hey, I'm The Yarn Artist a.k.a Joey. I'm a dyer, painter, knitter, spinner, weaver and a general craft obsessive! I fired up the dye pots about five years ago and haven't looked back since.
I started selling yarn as Joanna Wood Paint, but in late 2022 I decided it was time for a change and in January 2023 I launched as The Yarn Artist.
Joanna Wood Paint kind of happened by accident, I have a background in fine art and a Masters in Abstract Painting, and started an Instagram in 2010 to showcase my work, when I swapped pouring paint on a canvas to throwing colour into the dye pot and started selling my yarn, the name Joanna Wood Paint kind of stuck around. However, I feel that The Yarn Artist feels like it describes what I do and who I am a lot better, so in 2023 here I am... The Yarn Artist, on to bigger and better things!
As an abstract artist, I very much enjoy experimenting with colour and playing with different techniques, I use similar methods when dyeing, but now I 'paint' yarn instead of a canvas.
Many of my colourways are inspired by the palettes of fine artists and their masterpieces. My yarns are bold, vibrant and playful; and aside from my artist inspired ranges, I also take inspiration from colour itself and enjoy playing around with different colour combinations to create unique yarns.
I lovingly create my yarn in my garden studio workshop and ship it around the world from my base in Chester, England.
It makes my day to see what you guys make with my yarn and I love nothing more than receiving amazing feedback from satisfied customers, so make sure to tag me on Instagram @TheYarnArtist with your makes and yarn!